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Summer Camp

Get ready for a summer of fun while campers learn and strengthen positive character traits! Not only will campers become familiar with famous people who were exemplary in one or more character traits, but they will also have the opportunity to build these traits into their own lives through special activities and projects.


Week 1:            Character Counts!—Learning the value of having a strong, positive character helps build strong, positive young people.

Week 2:            Operation Cooperation—Being able to work together is important! Teamwork and sportsmanship are needed in more areas than on the playing field!

Week 3:            Kids Who Care—Caring for others, yourself, and the environment makes our world a better place in which to live!

Week 4:            Counting on Courage—Having the courage to pursue dreams and take a stand enables young people to make a difference.

Week 5:            Acceptance in Action—Accepting the fact that we are not all alike opens the door to many friendships in our community.

Week 6:            Honesty—The Best Policy—Practicing truthfulness leads to trustworthiness and integrity.

Week 7:            Patriotic Pride—Stressing patriotism and citizenship helps build stronger young people and a stronger country!

Week 8:            Pressing on With Perseverance—Being diligent and persevering can pay big dividends.

Week 9:            Connect With Respect—Respecting others and yourself is vital for a healthy self-concept and inter-personal relationships.

Week 10:         Kids With Character—Learning to be a responsible young person ends the summer on a high note!

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